English Certificate

International English Language Test capability authentication is created in pdf design after each fruitful fulfillment of the English test given by International English Language Test . It is presented in two forms:
a) Standard-gave on the web “with no guarantees”, without the invigilation or delegated by the association overseeing the evaluation.
b) Verified-administered and confirmed straight by International English Language Test

The English certificate affirms the effectively finished English test at a specific CEFR level. It is given by International English Language Test, a worldwide supplier of English tests for organizations, schools and people and an institutional partner of the Association of Language Testers in Europe (ALTE).
The singular test-takers or the test overseers can download the recognition in pdf design from their International English Language Test account and connect it to their request for employment or use it for correspondence with your HR division, selection representatives or school confirmation officials. International English Language Test can likewise send the printed copy of the English declaration by post.
The language recognition design portrayed on this page is being used since January 2015. You can track down the correlation with the recently utilized International English Language Test declarations in our blog entry.

English Certificate incorporates:
Name of Examinee
Kind of the language test the Core test (open abilities) or the Complete test (both responsive and useful abilities)
(Discretionary) Picture of the test-taker-just for the Verified tests taken in the delegated web-based climate with online invigilation and with the character confirmed by International English Language Test.
English CEFR Proficiency Level (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 or C2) and level depiction
Fractional outcome (beneath the level, meets the level, over the level) for each open ability Grammar/Use of English, Reading and Listening perception
(Discretionary) Speaking&Writing result – just for the Complete test.
Test ID-exceptional reference number of your English accreditation test. In the event that you have any inquiries in regards to the outcomes or English tests, you can involve this number as a kind of perspective for the correspondence with International English Language Test. The legitimacy of the endorsement can be likewise minded our site International English Language Test utilizing the test-taker name and the Test ID number or utilizing the QR code.
(Discretionary) Provided through The association or foundation regulating the test. In the event that not recorded, the test was given straightforwardly through International English Language Test.

Examples of the International English Language Test Certificates

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